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Chiropractor Brighton MA

Welcome to Brighton Spine and Wellness, located at 697 Cambridge Street Suite 303, Brighton, MA. As 2012 and 2016 Olympic Team wellness providers we strive to bring that same level of care for you and your family. We know many people will not ever participate on the world stage, but you mean the world to your family. This article is here to help you gain a basic understanding of how our Brighton chiropractors can help you and your family.

I originally was a chiropractor serving central Florida for the last 17 years but decided to relocate to Brighton for my son who was accepted to Perkins School for the Blind in nearby Watertown. In March of 2020 I relocated to Brighton, MA, to serve people of the greater Boston and nearby Allston area.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Brighton Clinics?

We were the Official Wellness providers for the 2012 and 16 Olympic teams (weightlifting, judo, and wrestling). I'm bringing 17 years of practice experience to our office, I have personally delivered over 450,000 adjustments. We offer other services, food, nutrient, and hormone testing and services that can be addressed virtually.

common conditions We have success with

The common conditions we help treat are headaches, back pain, neck pain, auto injuries. We have also had success treating fatigue, inflammation, hormone imbalance, and digestive issues.

What are some common misconceptions of Chiropractic Care?

Most people think chiropractic is only for pain conditions, it's really about how you perform. After working with Olympic athletes, they don't care about pain, but about being their best. We also use advanced technology to find out what's happening inside, this includes thermography, surface EMG, and heart rate variability to get a better picture of the whole person.

Call our team today if your sick and tired of being sick and tired...even if you've tried many other things we might be able to help. Call our team today! 

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